Beginning Therapy

How will we work together?

As an integrative psychotherapist, I provide a safe, empathetic and regular space for you to talk, think and feel.

It is an opportunity to talk to someone who is experienced at:

  • Facilitating a therapeutic relationship.
  • Listening to what you say.
  • Helping you to listen to your inner feelings.
  • Exploring how your thoughts and feeling affect your day to day life.
  • Encouraging deeper reflections, if you are able to tolerate the experience.

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger than to relatives or friends.

What can therapy help me with?

Therapy is an opportunity to look at your concerns in a different way.

You may find therapy helpful with the following issues:

Health-related Issues
Workplace issues
Post alcohol recovery issues
Covid 19 related issues

Life stage transition of identity for example:

Adapting after a life threatening illness
Career change
New parenthood
Children left home (empty nest syndrome)

How long will my therapy last?

Your weekly therapy session will last 50 minutes and usually be at the same time and day of the week.
Therapy can be short or long term.
I recommend that you commit to a minimum of six sessions as the therapeutic process takes time.

How will I know when we should end therapy?

We will discuss how you feel about your sessions and when you feel you might be ready to end therapy.
Endings are important, I encourage you to share with me your feelings about ending therapy so that we can take time to end in a therapeutic way.

Who decides what we talk about in therapy?

You do.
I will ask you what you would like to talk about and we will begin from there.

Is what we discuss confidential?

Yes, confidentiality and trust is core to our way of working.

However, BACP ethics permits a therapist to break confidentiality in exceptional circumstance. You can find out more information about by reading BACP publication ‘Managing confidentiality within the counselling professions’

Learn more about psychotherapy by watching this video