Life Stories

Therapy can help with:

Personal identifying details are changed to preserve confidentiality

Family – Loss

Benita is in her thirties and been with her partner for 12 years. They have two children. Her partner wants to leave the family and start a new life. Benita is experiencing uncontrolled anxiety and pain. She doesn’t know where to begin in understanding how to cope.

Work Stress

Sadiq has been promoted to a new work role. He is excited but overwhelmed with concerns that he won’t be good enough to succeed in this new opportunity.

Post alcohol recovery

Jasmine has successfully participated in an alcohol management programme. She is now abstinent and feels that she would like to explore the underlying issues that she used alcohol to suppress. She realises that to participate in therapy she needs to be not drinking.


Ellen has a successful career and grown up children. At a routine health appointment, the nurse discovers a lump in Ellen’s breast. Ellen is shocked to learn she has breast cancer. Thankfully the diagnosis is early and after successful medical treatment, Ellen wants to live her life differently and priortise what is meaningful to her.


Jack has taken care of his mother for many years. His mother has recently died. They had a loving but not always harmonious relationship. Jack cannot stop feeling guilty that he should have done more to support his mother.